The Diamond-Baby Mamas drama doesn’t get any better. Earlier on Tuesday, September 4th, Diamond Platnumz was interviewed on his Wasafi TV show, Refresh, where he called out HamisaMobetto for trying to use juju on him.

Naseeb Abdul Juma, commonly known as Diamond Platnumz. Recently called out his second baby mama, Hamisa Mobetto, and her mother, Shuffa Lutigunga.

Diamond accused the two of trying to bewitch him and his family, all because Hamisa wants the ‘Number One’ hitmaker back.

Apparently, Diamond is not getting paranoid, and they are not bare accusations. There has been a voice note that has done rounds on every popular social media platform. In the voice note, a voice that is believed to be Hamisa’s is heard speaking to another mysterious witchdoctor.

Diamond Platnumz confirmed on an interview with Wasafi TV that he received and heard the voice note between the unidentified witchdoctor and Hamisa Mobetto.

He also states that Hamisa is trying to make his mother and sister look bad. Furthermore, Mr. Platnumz also states that his second baby mama wants to bewitch himself, his mother and family.

According to the interview, Diamond states that he confronted Hamisa and hold her she was the one having a conversation with the mysterious witchdoctor.

He also states that Hamisa is trying to flip the script and make it look like Diamond’s mom, Bi Sandra Dangote, and sister, EsmaPlatnumz are the ones with an issue. Diamond firmly defends his family and insists they cannot and can never be the evil ones.

Furthermore, Platnumz claims that Hamisa and her mother are on a mission to kill his mother. Not only that, but Diamond also says that Hamisa is sending ‘her people’ to attack him and his family.

Rumor has it that Esma Platnumz and Bi Sandra Dangote tried to frame Hamisa Mobetto. Barely a week ago, it was rumored that Diamond’s mom and sister conducted a private audition with the aim of finding someone that can match the voice of Hamisa and her mother. It is reported that the two wanted a lady that could imitate Hamisa and Mama Mobetto’s voice.

According to the supposed news, Diamond’s mom and sister wanted to frame Hamisa and her mother for trying to bewitch Diamond. Obviously, Diamond Platnumz brushed off the rumors and stated that Hamisa is evil and is trying to make his mother and family look bad.

Diamond believes that Hamisa is wicked and wants him back, but she is ‘trying to cover up her evil moves.’

It is not clear whether Diamond’s mother and sister are truly behind the whole incident or if Hamisa hasn’t gotten over Mr. Platnumz and she wants him back. But without any doubt, the voice in the voice notes can easily be identified as that of Hamisa’s.

So, is Hamisa indeed evil or Diamond’s mom and sister just don’t want their son [and brother] to think of taking her back?

Diamond wrapped it all with “Why’d you wanna do that?”

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