Wema Sepetu’s Indecent Online Activity Threatens Her Acting Career

By Calvin Noche


Tanzanian actress and former Diamond Platnumz girlfriend, Wema Sepetu found herself on the wrong side of the law after she posted a bedroom-affair video on Instagram.

Sepetu was arrested and presented in court in Kisutu Resident Magistrate Court in Tanzanian’s most populous capital, Dar Es Salaam. She was brought before Resident Magistrate Maira Kasonde on the 1st of November at 10 AM, where she had to wait for two more hours before hearing the judge’s verdict.

Her arrest comes just one day after she apologized for posting indecent content online on October 15th this year.

The Tanzanian Film Board banned Sepetu from taking part in any film-related activity.

Earlier on, the actress had posted an intimate video with a Burundian national, Patrick, who is also known as PCK. The video was leaked online, even though the actress had no intention of posting it. Or did she?

Wema Sepetu was a member of the Tanzania Drama and Film Actors Association (TDFAA). However, the TDFAA Kinondoni branch has banned the actress as well.

The TDFAA spokesperson, Masoud Kaftany, confirmed that it wasn’t the first time for Wema to be involved in a similar scandal.

On Sunday, October 25th, Wema made a public apology to her county after the indecent video was leaked online.

The police have since been looking for Patrick {the man in the intimate video with Wema}, who is also alleged to be a drug dealer and a conman.

Wema apologized to the Resident Magistrate Maira Kasonde, but her apology didn’t stop her verdict from the magistrate.

“You have disgraced the nation by making viewers imitate your behaviors, habits, and culture, which are inappropriate. You have gone against the country’s national values and brought shame to it,” said a board member.

Well, the actress pleaded not guilty to the charges. She was later released on a Tsh10 million fine, an equivalent of ksh444,050.

Things haven’t been easy with Wema and the Tanzanian authorities.

On February 4th, 2017, the actress was arrested for possession of marijuana. It was also reported that the Tanzanian government was after Wema to find out if she is using and selling the illegal drug.

During that time, both her ex-lovers Diamond Platnumz and Idris Sultan were questioned by the police. Also, rapper Ney Wa Mitego and songstress Vanessa Mdee were investigated.

While Wema presented Patrick as her ‘husband to be’, it seems that the Burundian is cheating on him. A video circulated the social media platforms showing the man dancing with a woman that looked older than him.

Fate might not be Wema’s best friend in recent times, but her once-bitter rival, who was also Diamond’s lover, Hamisa Mobetto, has been doing well. Mobetto shared a new Toyota Vanguard to her social media followers indicating that she is replacing the Rav4 that Diamond bought for her.

Now that Wema has been banned from acting or engaging in any related activity, does that mean her acting career in Tanzania is over? Will the Film association pardon her? Whatever the case, we wish her well.

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