Otile Brown is Over Vera {For Good}, Calls Her a Psycho

By Calvin Noche


What was once dubbed the ‘hottest couple in Kenya” has turned out to be the most recent famous breakup. Iconic singer, OtileBrown, has recently said that he is over Vera Sidika, and that he cannot ‘force love’.

“I regret ever dating you na nmenawa mikono, and don’t think I’ll go back and forth with you. Mapenzihayalazimishwi…potelea mbali” that’s what Otile had to say.

Earlier on, the two shared cozy photos on their Instagram pages while on a romantic getaway in Mauritius. Weeks later, they broke up and then got back together in Dubai.

But now, they are done, and Otile called it quits. According to the celebrated singer, her socialite cum businesswoman ex, Vera, is too demanding, and that she is a psychotic woman that needs professional help.

While the public believes that the socialite is one of the richest in the country, Otile claims that she is broke and cannot even afford to pay her bills.

Otile cites that Vera is unable to pay her saloon rent and workers, among other regular bills.

Through screenshots of his conversation with the socialite beau, Otile proves that Vera started borrowing him money as soon as they got back together. The Chaguo La Moyo Wangu hitmaker even says that Vera is trying to belittle him in public.

Just the other day, Vera came out saying Otile Brown asked her for ksh500,000. She said she couldn’t lend him money because she had recently spent so much on her own birthday. She even bought herself a super-expensive Rolex watch estimated at ksh2.4 million.

“I felt like I was in an awkward situation because he asked me for the money two days after we had gotten back into the relationship. When someone breaks up with you and then you are moving on with life and then they show up in your life and they want you back, there is always that question we always have as women like, why is he back? What do they want? Are the back because they love you or they miss the good life?”quoted Vera.

Acting like a ‘real gentleman’, Otile admitted to asking Vera for the ksh500,000, but he says it isn’t a big deal because they normally ask each other for money.

“Yes, I asked for the KSh500,000 because it was a random deal and I did not have the full amount at the moment and I thought you would come through for me then I would refund,” Otileposted in an IG post.

“Real talk, Vera Sidika has a problem and needs help. She needs to see a psychiatrist. I regret ever dating you…Don’t act like you got money na hauna kitu ungekuwa nayo usingeshindwa kuliparent,” he continued in the post.

Otile Brown’s IG post

Through the screenshot of their conversation, Vera claims that he ‘best friend’ Victor Maina stole from her, and she proceeded to getting him arrested.

Otile Brown swears that he wasn’t having any plans of getting back together with Vera Sidika, and that he is completely done with her.

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